white wonder

white wonder
by sister goat
waking up from a dream
of MDMA and reconciling,
everything just seems
abrasive and cruel and constricting,
because i was dreaming of
bumping white wonder want
and whispering wistfull swans
to a someone that was everyone i’ve ever loved
at once,
and i was the key
to reconnecting family,
and i swear to you and them and me,
that i could feel the molly missing me
in this dream,
body bursts and everything,
so as you can see,
waking up was wickedly

0 thoughts on “white wonder

  1. Waking from day-dreams can be terrible too. On first read, i thought ‘white wonder’ and ‘molly’ might be further allusions to drugs (which i have to admit i know next to nothing). I even looked up the Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Whoa. Anyway, i just figured the wonder and molly were for image and alliteration mostly. ‘Body bursts and everything’…awesome! I loved that use of action. Sister goat, I’m shaving off the hair from my chinny chin-chin just for you! Thx.
    P.S. Pic of girl fell asleep reading Thucydides, ancient Greek who chronicled Peloponesian war between Spartans and Athenians…shame shame shame.

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