Signed, The Management

Signed, The Management
by andi kato
Dear Liver,
You’re a real trooper. Keep up the good work.
The Management
Dear Lips,
Shut your mouth
The Management
Dear Ego,
Please do the world a favor &
shoot yourself in the face.
The Management
Dear Insanity,
We’re sorry, but we’re going to have to ask you to
leave. We don’t allow pets. Please clean up
Depression’s & Anxiety’s shit when you leave.
No hard feelings,
The Management
Dear Feet,
You look like shit. Have you been using again?
Being bloody and cut up all the time is
scaring the other tenants. If you don’t get
yourself together, we’re going to have to ask
you to leave.
Happy Holidays,
The Management
Dear Thighs,
You’re disgusting,
The Management
Dear Soul,
You don’t even have a lease with us. Please
evacuate the premises immediately.
What the fuck,
The Management
Dear Lip Piercing,
We were recently informed about the loss
of your life-partner, Tongue Piercing.
The Management
Dear Hair,
Are you a Lesbian? We don’t allow homosexuals
in the community.
The Management
Dear Blood,

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  1. …from the ‘Women’s poetry week’ (superb idea, by the way)…this is not the first poem i’ve noticed from Ms. Kato, another was ‘Sex makes me feel fat’. This one is strikes me as straightforward and humorous…if only those parts ‘tenants’ of ourselves could be addressed in such a manner life might be easier. Ironically, that’s kinda how i keep my own sanity, by realizing the various ‘parts’ of me and how it affects how i feel.
    Poem uses some repetition but it is changed up enough to not be drone and to keep reader’s attention, i thought.
    Dear Andi Kato,
    Keep it coming!
    The Management

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