y i wanna stay at home too

y i wanna stay at home too
by cerebella
betty crocker? yeah i’m guessing you’re guessing she wore deoderant
yeah i’m guessing she probably if not certainly did
you focus on the ping-pong two rooms down the hall
while i say,
‘hey, vanity is fun for the whole family and problems come cheap’
how often i have thought of cliches
how often i have thought of things in respect to how cliche they are
how cliche is dat?
fragile decadent bracelet crumbling like i was once,
further dismembered by the final
of fingers giving me this how to say ‘closure’.
what i desired most from anything
is not tangible, but that’s the fun part because
it seems to seep thru, and it stains
it seems to seep thruout universe blotting papers, and give my
inner skin the drabness not meant to bleed thru to the other side.
what i’ll settle for is this omni-safety, this second to last chapter, next to
the end (the ‘phew!’)
this chapter will be as long as you want me to be.

0 thoughts on “y i wanna stay at home too

  1. Betty Crocker could kick Rachel Ray’s suburbanite ass…any kitchen time(r), any kitchen place [even with the oven mitts off].
    Poem opens with question…very interactive! First part of poem seems concentrated poking fun at commercialism and the rigarmarole of the rut of life (and expression thereof) which seems to do the writer in in 2nd part of poem…or does it?
    …A necessary hurdle for anyone seeking fresh existence..to be taken from the greenhouse and planted in real soil…to truly own the spot you dwell. hmm.
    A greater part of grasping life is the intangible, which can be fun if we let it…good point! Towards end, with words like “drabness” and “settle for” it seems the writer is still experiencing conflict seeking to be truly alive, but with sort of an acceptance that ‘this is as good as it gets’ (maybe?)…very deep lines here. I’m gonna have to put this one on the backburner of my slow-grasping mind (i hope i paid the propane bill). i’m not trying to torture a confession out of this piece, these are merely impressions and the ‘stellar cruise’ the poem puts me on.
    Gripping! Very enjoyable! Cerebella, keep sending poems AND comments too!

  2. hehehehe, oh, quasimofo, i’ve got a hunch you’re not from
    notre dame, because that movie sucks eh? both disney and
    b&w (altho not reallie my cup of tea?)
    i submitted like five poems (so HOPEFULLY we’ll be seeing
    them soon up here), because i thought they were rejecting
    them all, and i was too scared to look and see if that wa
    s the truth. now i feel annoying. but, cool as shit that
    i’m finally getting attention for my writing outside of
    livejournal land.

  3. Quasimofo (I have always believed) is a reference to Salvatore Quasimodo. A powerful poet and writer, he won the Nobel prize for literature in 1959. A lot of what Quasimofo submits seems to take after the personal style of Salvatore.

  4. Cerebella…don’t stress with it. You just have to have patience with the submission process. At first, there is this big acceptance/rejection thing where a writer needs that validation which brings confidence to move on to next stage. First there is recognition as Poet, then comes the Warrior…thus making Poet-Warrior. I don’t know if you know any karate or have a claymore handy, but you need to get out and kick some butt. Seriously though, i think there’s a lot to being a part of a community of poets where we can share work and thoughts thru comments…that’s the real next stage.
    Salvatore Quasimodo…hmmm. He sounds interesting, i’ll have to check him out. Anthony Kiedis, Beck, Ginsberg, Wojahn, and Mort Drucker aren’t too bad for personal style…

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