Johnny Lightning Dupe

Johnny Lightning Dupe
by Quasimofo
I fell asleep deleting old e-mails
one full moon—die cast autos hiked the frame,
bland’s idle tube hid;
midst traps net dreams siliconic wail
curtail of the mouse, pinched wireless pain
squenched through a hardline’s forward reply
attachment to a trailer on a hill—
if you will, or a kind of download trip.
Rise-n-shine my lucid loon…
Eyes mobile, man sands out dawn on window’s sill..
Sat revamped—make and model, Iliad’s three…
‘Hi, names Thena ,Heraniqua n’ Ditey’–
Jacuzzi sippin’ V-8 homebrew,
stogies, had figs, and then played some strip ‘Clue’,
me too, of course. Found keys
to green chevy no va–‘it don’t go, vato!’–
al’ natural’ cruisin’, eggin’ eifel paris’ anorexic mellow,
…Is this what you’d do if not pulled by gravity’s realities?

0 thoughts on “Johnny Lightning Dupe

  1. Rise and (moon-)shine, make your people SPAM.
    You are what you eat, in every sense possible?
    That is quite a statement, if so.
    Eat the skin-stripped figs of the people and relax.
    Life is SPAM. I really liked the Iliad reference.

  2. Appreciate the comments and reflected inspiration. This was a ‘B-side’ poem, if there is such a thing, that was motivated by John Berryman’s Dreamsongs. Henry and Bones anyone? Anyway, his dream sonnets are 18 lines, 3 stanzas, with a rhyme scheme that changes from song to song. One might be aa-bb-cc, another could be abc-abc, ab-ab-cc, and so forth… Much of his lines are metered in iambs 5 measures mixed with 3-4-6 measure lines. Put them altogether and I think there are 272 songs…I’ll have to check that.
    In any case, it was a challenging and fun write…compact, seemingly ordered, and plus when you write in meter it brings out a word/sentence combination you wouldn’t ordinarily get. Thanks guys.

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