Awe approaches

by gerard sarnat

I. “Fall Foliage”

Up an old familiar hill this October of my life,

I leave behind aches and coughs that hold me down,

turn off the phone, let go. Mountains nibble my head.

Returning deep deep inside, traveling

sun to clouds and back; honey and cocoa beans

ease my journey, remind of Passovers past.

Today’s the day the music stopped, the CD’s on the fritz.

It makes me glad to improvise: Dylan’s voice from

last night’s concert, my wise master’s Hebrew serenade.

I am nowhere and everywhere, no one, everyone.

This hollow body sheds ash to ash, dust to dust.

Windows cleansed, the forest’s seen more clearly.

Morning after, refreshed, energized,

I’m ready to live again …

love, forgive — and die?

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  1. this speaks to me, and of all the happy memories i am actually grateful for and wont eventually forget (few and far between). they better be listening up because this is their song. goddammit i am a bitter hag. okay, also, that picture made me laugh because it’s just so affrontedly a nice leaf.

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