Hatchet in Disguise

Hatchet in Disguise
by mortizzy

A hatchet surprise

A hatchet surprise

Can cleverly feign

A gift in disguise

Being none but a friend in need

No remorse to be had

When you’ve gone indeed

They’ll cut out your eyes

What a surprise

And even give you

A dandelion!


Coffin filled

That with that

A doctor you needed

And that was a fact!

They weren’t in time

To fix this crime

An axe you cannot stop

At the drop of a dime


Relive this, regret that

I almost forgot

To pay the tax!

We wouldn’t want

A simple mistake

To end all the effort

I’ve put in to create!


I’ll sew it up

You’ll be fine

I promise

A few aspirin and bed

Is my remedy to fix your dead

The blood will be gone

The split all sealed up

I almost forgot

To give you this kidney in a cup


So maybe now

With lesson learned

You’ll be satisfied

And cease to yearn

Goodbye good madam

Goodbye good sir

It is quite simply

None of your concern

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  1. “Hatchet Surprise” sounds like the title of a Pataphysics song. I could see you saying that over and over while surfing on a table with a wolf hat on as the crowd cheers you on and your band remains non-chalant. You know… like last week.

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