by leslie michel

This Sunday
My Mom is in town,
We are Brunching @ 1.
Her HOUSE is in Novato.
Her HEART lives with Dick.
He owns two-
One house in Tahoe, and
the other, Santa Cruz.
They make their HOME
Where ever they are TOGETHER.
This weekend, however,
Mom is ALONE, here, in Marin.
Funny Thing-
Though @ her house,
My Mom is

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  1. i went to visit my mother this weekend. to see her, go to the state fair of texas and catch the king tut exhibit at the dma. saw this suddenly in the back of my mind and thought it worked in a way that moved very slowly, like a sunday. very brave of you to propose a poem that does nearly nothing.

  2. i’d like to understand the personal meaning behind the capitalized words. good thing this poet isn’t dead and i still have a hope of finding out.

  3. Actually, i’m sorry to say, she is dead. She got trounced by a trolley last week on the way to a Nine Inch Nails concert held in an amphitheatre next to the humane society and a flower shop. It was a solemn and eccentric funeral. I’ve never seen roman candles used that way.
    The mystery of the capitalization might have to be pursued a la’ widget, excuse me, Ouija, BOARD. Last time i fooled with one of those David Duchovny showed up at my doorstep…i would rather have had Dudley Doright.
    Wonderfully awesome Autumn poem, though. The author whispered the secret into my ear before she croaked: “Gold is in unmarked grave next to Rascus Jackson”.

  4. Ooooooooooo…
    typed from the grave,
    (iphone are in caskets these days)
    just to say know:
    Gold? YES. Where? Psychic GPS- NO map!
    Poem? personal surreal realization-
    regarding mom’s needy mood,
    in a phone conversation.

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