imagery, not lite music, inspired by the changing of seasons

imagery, not lite music, inspired by the changing of seasons
by cerebella

Summer is melting.  She doesn’t smell like pee stream, because when you pee in it she turns to purple Kool-Aid.  She melts over your palm filth around your long lost splinters and hurries down the patio, past the rocking chair into the tar driveway filled with sticky bird shit.  The stars are oozin’ (from the barometric pressure) in the same fashion Gushers do.  The sap inside tastes like very thick lemonade with lots-of-pulp and the seeds inside give you a secret power.  Autumn is tailoring her Thanksgiving coloured scales on the very same driveway.  Same ones as last year but that was so long ago, I need its beauty to recaptivate me.  In Autumn I especially love the anorexic lookin’ turkeys waltzin’ around them traffic circles.  Thankyou, it’s so much easier to believe superdimensional-nobodies done’don’t exist when you don’t want them to.

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  1. You’ve flashed me with your flash fiction and i am dazzled. I too like Autumn, not as much as my favorite…Winter. Peeing on oneself seems to be a reoccuring theme here lately on H&H. I’ve got 5 bucks for anyone who can write a poem or story about a maladroit who fries when they pee on an electric blanket..bzz bzz. ouch! For real, i like that stuff…or better yet, –an in-love couple are making out under an electric blanket when ..bzz bzz.. zap! Ah, that spark of love!
    Anyway, i’m sorry, I truly dug this piece. Picturesque like a perceptive adolescent Vivaldi sprinting home before curfew. I too need beauty to recaptivate me, every day, I am a collector…i’ll surely pin this one up…Petronius of Satyricon would be proud too.
    Yes, superdimensional nobodies don’t exist when you don’t want them too, and yet it’s so fun to burn them alive thru the effigy of literature. Imagery, the love-child of we (us?) poets, always trumps ‘The Carpenters’. Skyrockets in flight, babey, afternoon delight.

  2. thanks q.mofo! pping oneself isn’t an uncommon phenomena for myself. i think change is way more inspiring than concrete mid-seasons ‘koos of all the question marks floating around in it. but they all vanish by mid-way season and you can’t wait ’til the next.

  3. Yeah, that’s a good point…Mother Nature showing us a beautiful spectacle of change which is a part of life, eh? Personally i resist change a lot. Sometimes i wish i could have been born in that time when the bow and arrow had been around for a 1000 years. I see people at the supermarket with those wireless ear-implants talking on their cell-phones and, god forgive me, i just want to pour orange juice over their head.
    But just with nature, it’s cool seeing the change…i might even get me one of those fake fireplaces for this winter. Hey, Eggnog is on the shelves! Yes!

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