I Don't Want You

I Don’t Want You
by Pataphysics
Ahem, this is Larry Lopswann.
Hello, Larry. This is Billy. You gave me your card the other day, and I thought I’d call you.
Who is this?
Billy. It’s Billy. You remember, from the other day. Well, I just gave you a ring and thought about what we talked about.
But I don’t remember you.
Oh, you are funny, Larry. I know you are just kidding around. Listen, I really did have a pleasant conversation with you the other day and I just bought a cold twelve-pack.
I’m not buying it. I don’t know you.
You are kidding, Larry. Ha ha. You are funny. Listen, I thought I’d just drop by. Your address is still 1723 Lincolnshire Boulevard, correct?
What? Who are you?
It’s Billy. Billy from the other day. You remember that you gave me your card, and we shook hands. We are both members of the National Geographic Society. Remember?
That’s okay. Listen, I’m gonna head over with this twelve-pack.
No. It’s time for bed. You can’t come over now.
But, I’m on my way. I just was by myself and I figured…
I don’t want you. (click)

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  1. Ah…my stalker friend. Larry, give it a chance, it could turn out to be a beautiful romance. Don’t sleep your life away, Larry. Live! Take that proffered beer and chug!

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