Lesson Plan to Draw a Line

Lesson Plan to Draw a Line
by jeff dutko
Draw a line,
Now draw dots
Measure the line
Segment and measure again
Do a proportion
Get a scale
Draw a line
Dot the drawing
Line up the measure
Again measure a segment
Proportion a scale
Do a line
Line up and draw
Drawing the dots
I measured the line
The segments in proportion
Scaling the line
Circle a line
Line up the dots
Dangle a tail, measure
Measure the segment again
Proportion the tail
Dot it with a line
Put it in scale
What is your ratio?
Where are the dots?
Think about a line
Draw it in the air
Speak it out aloud
Forget to measure
Let proportion fit the scale
Untie the knots in the line
Forget the lines
The air is in proportion
Measure all the dots
Put them on a scale
Weigh the possibility
Of drawing a line

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