Gross Misinterpretation Of The Real Thing

Gross Misinterpretation Of The Real Thing
by sarah bartlett
I was pushing
my cart through
the checkout line
when a tall girl
in cowboy boots
She looked famous
so I said:
Great show
last night.
She smiled,
and I held out
my receipt.
She asked me
how to spell
and signed her
name across
my dry goods.

0 thoughts on “Gross Misinterpretation Of The Real Thing

  1. Slice it and dice it…and i’ll read it! i desire so much the to-the-point even though i’m a classic risk rambler. That ‘brush’ with stardom is so fascinating cause those “PEOPLE” magazine people used to be just regular people..and still are for that matter [but there’s a big ‘to-do’ over it all , isn’t there?].
    Comedians always seem to be above that though don’t they–from either perspective.
    i saw this French movie called ‘Valet’ where this working class dude who’s a valet ends up getting paid to shack up with this supermodel who this corporate dude is having an affair with but his wife owns the company so thus the whole schematic. … poem reminds me of movie, or vice-versa. Funny. thanks Ms. Bartlett.

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