new math

New Math
by gerard sarnat

back in the day — pierced, Mohawked

pink, combat boots, trench coat, indestructible —

the punk in me thunk boppin’ stunk

…I aged conventionally

guilty not romantic or graceful enough

for my spouse on the dance floor …

one of the benefits (few)

reaching sixty is less remorse

’bout boogyin’ more in steppin’ out shoes

which’s cool ’cause bar mitzvahs

and such come ’round so often now

proving older folks’ first two laws of relativity:

T(SS) = T(YG)/ T(YL)

where T= time SS = subjective speed

YG = years gone YL = years left

[Frequency thinking how old you are]

X [duration thinking about death)]

= [intensity of feeling bad]

put simply

sand seems to empty out faster

as the hourglass dribbles toward its end.


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