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  1. Cool Thanksgiving poem by Halifax:
    Daring Candlelit Giblets
    Vyborg Nana’s banana cream pie
    Was invented from necessity.
    A feared black Baltic verboten curse fruit,
    Brought five-thousand nautical miles
    North by scrap iron boats,
    Whose rusty faith won’t let her sink.
    She won’t have it been for not.
    Thin whipped cream
    Gargles screams under her whirring machine.
    Brooding on the Gangut under her watchful spot torch
    She thrusts over the counter with a heavy canister of flame.
    “Burn and shrivel, you caramel babies! I’ve birthed worse than you!”
    The apron is covered in swatted finger marks
    And charming accidents.
    Hard-packed dough,
    On buttered metal and bean baked,
    Worked with stiff blame and
    Wickedly forgiving hands
    Earns a serving place at the head.
    Up at her in gloaming proximity
    If not had it been for wont,
    Her deft blade work of turkey mercy,
    Would have had us fainted from the sight.

  2. you, too. i’m thankful for every blinking moment i’m happy above everything else. i feel like if i keep in mind how grateful i am, god or someone will be touched by my thoughtfulness and grant me happiness all year long.
    and, sweet potatoes. yum.

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