Crystal Snowball

Danna's White Christmas
Crystal Snowball
by diy danna
a girl rolls snow into a shape,
a dented globe the size of a baseball
shaken in the cold froth
of southeast texas air-
making her dizzy again.
it’s suspended liquid animation,
waiting for the snow to fall again
climbing the crystal steps
to get to her sweetheart,
bringing back the high five
instead of big hugs and
telling her best friend
almost everything she did today-
a snow day.
i’m her silly fraternal twin, singing,
and swinging in lover limbo
above the shallow creeks of hell,
below the plateau of heaven,
iced with slushy snubs.
her future is in melting snow,
frozen pity turned to liquid hatred-
and laughing at drunken fools
who pee in the snow and call it art,
and laughing at ourselves for watching.

0 thoughts on “Crystal Snowball

  1. Yeah, i heard you guys got snow down in east texas…i have family in Liberty and i think Beaumont’s not far away.
    Poem leaves impression on my mind like footprint in the fresh snow in a quiet secluded place that can keep it for long time {as opposed to reaching ‘the winter of my discontent’}.
    Anyways, seeing all this in a snow globe takes an active imagination filtered thru mature poetic awareness…ie finding the beauty in a thing even if it’s peeing in the snow. Seeing naked the nature of our world and ourselves–our jobs as poets and humans for that matter.
    Nice one!

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