Reverend Been There Meets Dr. Seen Some

Reverend Been There Meets Dr. Seen Some in the talk show waiting room the day before the international summit in order to discuss the unpruned velocity of antithesis tabulation, the creative function of corruption & cosignment as a metaphor for existence
by jules boykoff
Unaboming will get
you nowhere
while the hired
applause claps louder
“& that’s ’bout when
I got an education
’bout my education,
Doc, when for the
first time I saw the world
end” to undo the
undulatory the
normativity functions
as a hinge
ruled out
from the outset
in other words

0 thoughts on “Reverend Been There Meets Dr. Seen Some

  1. 41 word title! …got me believing in the power of the superfluous genesis! The text of poem not much longer with around 50 words. Seems very scientifically self-conscious and apocalyptic [with eucalyptic couph drops].
    Took me a minute to make out first word ‘Unaboming’ which i figured was verb form of ‘Una-bomber’… That image brings to my mind rabid frantic individuality vs the herd . This whole piece kinda has that ‘individual vs. the world’ sorta thing which is a pressing issue in our modern world where multi-media determines who you are and aren’t.
    Furtive! Keep submitting Jules!

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