the disposal of glamor

the disposal of glamor
by meghan tennison
we tuned up our body clocks
to purple meadows and bumble bees
your graveyard was warmer than my hands
it was a fun boat ride; the ladders creaked and
your head fell off every time you sneezed
promise never to apologize in front of love ’cause
it will catch on fire (i used to dream of drowning
in a flower’s mouth)
mix-matching ideals can disintegrate a garden of strangers
right down to their bones
when the moon hangs so close to our heads like a
glowing bar sign or crack light, i notice how
your knees tremble and
grizzly called saying he had found your hair and strawberry scars,
still boiling and fresh in the grass, but
his hunger was more important (knowledge-torture always comes second)
and i’m glad –
his teeth don’t deserve to mourn over lost birds
“we need to replace ourselves sometimes.”
well, mountains don’t reclaim their sand or
shovel their skin flakes back into their caved mouths and only
alcoholic veterans beg the shops for a new liver, so
i would gladly shed my wool,
spit into your heart’s dumpster, and

0 thoughts on “the disposal of glamor

  1. oh god bless you child this is
    perfect oh oh do god blesseth
    upon yo souleeth you-eeth youth,
    and may the merry ether bunny m
    icrowave yr washclothes before
    luring you so fast (he’s an
    expert, i mean, he MUST be…)
    guy on far left looks too vaselin
    ed. other two parties look like
    half assed realistic dolls, played
    with by children that idolise
    isobel blow and are lonely and
    have slutty madres, whom they
    inherited their taste in abusive
    men from.
    omg sorry i’m tripping out

  2. Wonderful poem as always Meghan. The photo is of the band RTX (or members of it). Left to right is Neil Michael Haggerty (of Howling Hex) then Jennifer Herrema and finally Jaimo Welch, who is a friend of ours.

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