how dare you

how dare you
by oscar smiles
while Im ripping your heart out
perusing through bad luck
out of time out of fuck
debug that dress
arms still intact
a beautiful emergency is where I want to be
under mountain and under stream
under stationary
out of sight
the under class besieged
their beastly enemy
their costly epitomies
their hound dog evictions
their poorly addictions
their happenstance afflictions
mixed with broken convictions
everyones taken up
taken down
black recesses
swing low sweet chariot
staying at the Mariott
business crass
reciting my vows
with a cross-eyed tongue-joy
having mass reaction prowls
come come now
stuffed deep inside the creatures jowls
natures fecal matter
pow wow howls
is this mass hi-fives
is this mass catholic tithes
copernicus calypso
high on the dypso
smokin broke dodo
high on the flipso
back flips in my dojo
black hipsopotomus beyonce
beyond and beyonder
beyonder lightning from thunder
bleeps from a blunder
daquiris from a blender
she sucks while I bender
shes tough while I tender
legal tender from a dollar to one-hunder
time with me is like a movie
time with me is safari
time with me sometimes rastafari
time with me takes time away from me
time with me takes time to get to know me
time with me takes astroidal confirmaries
away from everything inside me silly
away in a pod form a pilly
away from kemosabe hi-yo young philly
old and a bit chilly
old like willy nilly
old like wi-fi knee high
maniac leg-warmers
cropping the dust farmers
dust bowl economics
in silver age comics
hopping to and fro pharmacies
abraham! lincoln! town carpal tendencies
blow it off first geez
ease up on the pre
dems up on the rips
how fucking dare your ass, bitch whore fuck
lying like yer jungled jumbled up pretzeled
massacred raped hung like a noose noone knows
five minutes past noon past the cons past the pros
past the deadline the flat
the flapper seeks the hi-hat
heathcliff prefers the alley cat
a cruel summer deserves a pratfall
coming out always wet prioritizing sweat
fashionably latte hy-crop planters
come on i lean come on clap not for me
blacked out on white-out
its peaceful and sanctuary
its high-class
it’s functional converted like arse to ass
as many ties as a shoe string
as many ties republiking
more mine’s than i’s
more problems than try’s
more hypostrophe s
than hyperbole-esque
kush like a-grade
don’t get confused by the hi-grade
the bi parade
bemused with the slave trade
pyramid and conclave
substantial as a enclave
proper why not’s and behaves
joy button d,r,l,u button
downright up to your belly-button
squeeze tits milk blueberry muffin
how dare you gain access
how dare you gain weight none-the-less
how dare you

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  1. jesus h. Spontaneous lost and accurate rambling takes me, places me, wastes the world before me. Sprinkling of linguistic foreplay makes this one long lasting spew of verbal orgasm deflowering the muse of silky sound. Loved it man. Loved it immensely!

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