The YouTube Unicorn Comment (Unedited)

The YouTube Unicorn Comment
by diy danna

As I sit here in my cubicle avoiding work and eye contact with co-workers, I must voice my opinion that this song sucks. That little girl needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Well, she may not be able to drink coffee at her age, but you know what I mean… Anyway, “Unicorns” aren’t real. I have known this since I was 5-years-old, and have been been determined to debunk this “Unicorn Theory” when I asked for a Unicorn for my birthday and it never appeared! And that “Unicorn” in the video looks fake. I mean, it fits in her hand and looks to be made up of some kind of cheap pink plastic. Come on!

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  1. Uh, yeah, I think it would be better if the little girl held an action figure with dark glasses and a hoodee and just turn the song into “Uni-bomber”…the other lyrics could remain in place as is.

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