Oh! Head of Heads

Oh! Head of Heads
by pat a physics
A gigantic head was looking at me today. There was no body,
only a head. The head was Hispanic and in pain. I wish I could
have thought of something clever to say to the head, but I don’t
speak Spanish very well. Some passersby gasped in horror at
the head and me. I reassured them that everything was okay and
that it would all pass soon. There was a shovel next to the head
that was hot to the touch. It was dancing inside of a heat wave.
My first impulse was to shovel the head into the sky, but I didn’t
want to hear the head yelling at me from above. It was this mode
of logic that lead me to bury the screaming head. Afterwards,
I ran to a nearby church. It was called St. Clemens’ Episcopal.
Inside, there were two priestly figures conversing liturgically.
“Hello, I buried a head in the ground and I want you to help me
with the burial rites. I will pay whatever cost for your services.”
One of the priests left hurriedly while the other put his hands on
my shoulders and looked into my eyes, “My son, you are in a
state of hallucination. Let’s go and have another look, shall we?”
We came to the spot and I unearthed the dead head for him.
Bewildered and shaken, the priest ran away like an ordinary,
scared human being. I cradled the head for a while and sung it
a lullabye that went something like this:
Oh! Head of heads you make me weep/
into your services, I do creep/
the repetitious acts of burying you/
making me so vastly blue.
Oh! Head of heads I lay to waste/
any type of glue or paste/
that holds together my present view/
by softly cooing this last coo.

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