make yourself at home

make yourself at home
by cerebella
the hot springs of nordic passageways
will not lose their innocense, not to
age, to trite loneliness, to sky reflection theories
i should not feel unloyal for
swimming to a greater ocean
should my eyes daydream, well, they do
i will sparkle throughout terror and
the dripping yellow wallpaper
of yesterday
will be still in the face of what is bringing
like you
who was born curled and weeping
why does it have to be that way?
april does makes love to may
as june to july
august never wanted autumn’s
dry rashy skin
the blue meekness
of the mysteriously charming
voice of your garnishes
murmur splendedly around
my earaches and tumble
to my finger’s pockets
yes my body does tremble when
the wires are wet and everyone
is silent in the face of this
my quivering melting self
glides welcomed into a small car

0 thoughts on “make yourself at home

  1. Seems more somber/solemn/serious than your other stuff. ..Yet resolute in survival in all its pleasures and sufferings. Me, i’ve lost the ability to feel lately–been taking a sabratical from life as if it worked that way. Some are comfortable within this ring and can find the good and bad and accept it (Make yourself at home)…which is what i have difficulty with..wanting to change the rules and such .. their own skin and the world’s…
    In any case, i’m taken into the mood and being of poem thru resuccitating words images ideas and mostly beautifully expressed emotions.
    Good form with stanzas .. and flow and closure.
    Thanks for the lift.
    P.S. You should be careful hanging out the window of moving cars (see pic) especially with mouth open cause a grasshopper might hop in.

  2. thankee quasi. i’ve been a bit somber and sullen and oh so serious lately myself, i feel like maybe if i stop trying to be optimistic (because that didn’t work) and just express confrontation things will get better. i’ve been here before, it’s a time thing. i think i need less of it. been doing a lot of charcoals of naked peoples. how are you? you’ve been missing, i’ve noticed.

  3. Yes, i’ve been slaving away in a sweat shop packaging charcoal for the Art world…you know those damn artists! Just kiddin. Computer was down a week, and i took some time to feel more myself and not let negativity from work, life, etc creep into my poetic refuge which is H&H. Yeah, hang in there. It sounds stupid, but find something plump to read for a good distraction and to detour the mind’s occasional rutt. I read an architecture book (short with lots of pics) about this Japanese dude who grew up in the ghetto … and am working on a poem for that (hopefully out soon. maybe).
    So you have models for the charcoals? Cool, wish i could draw besides stick figures…

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