milk and honey

milk and honey
by oscar smiles
two times is plenty
no less is fine
eeny meeny miney mo
i found a penny
i found in you a meanie
i found a tranny
i found on her a panty
i found on her a place to party
she turned me into an image freak
she turned me into something to seek
no more pleas no more please no more preez
lip dem dont pass go preez
strung out on a pulley
from a minx to a girl
from a swirl to a smell
fill it up w/corks and cork it
fill it up with coral and snork it
fill it with floral and export it
fill it w/coke and snort it
fill it w/girls and boycott it
fill it w/jager and shot it
fill it w/voice and shout it
do re mi fa so la ti i doubt it
a contest to protest
a congress to progress
a constitute to prostitute
a constituant to institute
a baptist turned protestant
a protestant turned contestant
an ionized adam feeds to
electrified prophet
a no trespassing sign
so get off it
as a matter of fact go fiction
as a two ton press go incision
as a matter of recourse go walking
you emit immense heat through talking
in milk and honey i’m bathing
my eyes go blaze when i’m spacing
my fingers go craze when i’m s p a c i n g
i crave the space your mass is replacing
one two one two testing one two
come back your breaking up repeat that
design me a quilt i’ll pleat that
make me a stand i’ll seat that
make me a bowl i’ll heat that
make the high score and i’ll beat that
we’d get in the car and go
down to tha lake escargot
heatwaves on the airwaves
announcing same bat time and channel batcaves
america i’m the only one that saves
trying to cum on point come to tha point
i overdose on pilsner
i propose to compose
i decompose to come to
i apropos to come home to say i do
to say i too have venues
i too get the blues misconstrued
i too have mercy on the
red white and blued
stone cold white i’m glued
very unexpectant of your expectants
i’m solitude i’m solid too
all over you like milk and honey

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  1. Yeah, i agree. I’ve always liked that slam-style which explores sound and linguistic analysis in a poetic way…it’s fun, existential, surreal, and cathartic…very cathartic. Not always, but much of the time this style is apt to break down one’s own mental psyche and at the same time provide social critique of the whole which we are only a small part of. And you don’t see that a whole lot…most poets focus on the personal which readers usually can identify with emotional perspectives…but it’s ok to think outside the confessional box once in a while i think.
    I can just imagine this being recited at Simmon’s Def Poetry Slam. Impressive versatility!

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