Letting go of handshakes

Letting go of handshakes
by halifax
Elegy to a Terminal Acquaintance
You tragically dead hero
So stoic in brief bereavement.
They filed you impeccably dead,
Stored under dirt in a boxed suit.
The stone placard vitae
Rambles thru an accurate
Tight graven word count,
Impressing your best works.
Ravens visit daily to chat
And drop their own stones
Like crisp business cards
On a brand new contact.
I just can’t care that much.
Sorry for you old man,
We’re a moving company
Afraid we have to let you go.

0 thoughts on “Letting go of handshakes

  1. Appreciated that “formal-looking” style with caps to begin every line…and 4 4 line stanzas make for polished look and serious content. In reading, in my own mind, i picture some old trooper who’s a victim of layoffs/downsizing/bad economic times but he just doesn’t have anything left…he’s tired, cause he’s been thru too many tough times. Maybe i’m off. That’s just how the poem ‘speaks’ to me. So there is kinda some tragedy here, which makes me sympathize with all those people in similar situations.
    I am depressed at the gloomy outlook which bodes for us all when we arrive at this juncture…but i suppose the ‘truth will set you free’ in this base reality (even though it will piss you off at first). Ha! I found myself dragging to find some hidden words or link ‘escapes’ in poem. Tight visualizations! …and very relevant to the times. Thx.

  2. I seem to be of an age when funerals become normal events to look forward to. The guy in the box may have shaken my hand once or twice but really I’m there to talk to family or friends over at the house afterward. Some day I may be that guy in a box. I’ll be like a christmas tree too- just part of the scene that makes it a reason for doing what you are up to. Maybe in some distant future they will have fake dead people to gather around and grieve over but until then we are stuck with the real. At least they are earth-friendly. Yay…go green!

  3. Ah, i should have read that ‘quite literally’ instead of figuratively. My bad, now i see all the pieces. Yeah, i think it would be cool to pull a King Tut and like have your own burial chamber surrounded by your car and johnboat and pool table and whatnot…even boobie traps. Or to like have a Viking funeral and be put into a john boat set ablaze by pyrotecnics. And your girlfriend or wife, if still alive, would have to be lit up too, you know, for someone to do the cooking and cleaning in Valhalla. I’m just kiddin. I’m not sexist, just egoist.
    nice follow-up comment. thx.

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