25 Lighters

25 Lighters
by pat a physics
My poor neighbor died yesterday from a heart attack and
I couldn’t stop myself from trespassing in his yard.  He
had all of these trees that were shooting out of these
chickenwire stone enclosures that seemed on the edge
of bursting.  A root stuck out of the side of one of these
low, flat cylindrical collection of rocks.  It looked just like
a withered finger pointing up at me.  I shivered as I walked
up on to his porch to look into a single cardboard box.  There
was nothing in it, so I sat down on his chair that he used to
sit on.  I started smoking a cigarette that I found on the window
sill behind the chair.  The fact that I’m not a smoker is not a big
deal, but the lighter I used to start my cigarette puzzled me.
What was I doing with this lighter?

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