The Poetry of Modern Japanese Architecture

The Poetry of Modern Japanese Architecture
in a Shitamachi
Row House

“Creating architecture is to express representational aspects of the real world, such as nature, history, tradition and society, in a spatial structure, which is an abstract concept, composed by clear, transparent logic.” –Tadao Ando—

by Quasimofo Onizuka

…the singular essence of unadorned simplicity gives me
compound fractures thru a contiguous ambiguous petite
aesthete pratfall scoring in and in-between light’s
shadow’s dramatic zing ..the 4 sieved elements have a night
on the town at teahouse temples giving 99 ghosts their spirits
back from demons wailing ‘god’ ’soul’ ‘heart’ and ‘love’.
…we google in goggles virtual Japanese massage with the happy
ending that to attain in this clear winzip stream brooks the brash
leaps before you peeps segway & indicates you, i, he, she, its
don’t know NOH suspense from Appalachian Fuji suspenders
masking taping the surface texture of individual communities
                                    5-ringed fleeting splendor.

“hI!” Orientation turns me slant-eyed bug-eyed burning
lotus petal position rug blurring the eye-candy of instant
visual bombardment opening trade with the senses…
i have a grudge against their eye, their phone calls, their
chicks lingering on ceilings filleting the sushi with split-end
hairdos cause only boxers make the best out of boxes..
..pock-marked teen-age concrete heaved to evoke basic
atomic-age emotion. Let’s take a stab at that slab as if the
world of human relations had ‘you are here’ pointers to
nothingness spaces that have your back while at and on your
back like authentic Hiroshima pebbles  meditating tsunami atop the bottom
                                     of     a  Koi   fish    pond.

But what if i am has to be what others are not?… contemplating
J-Pop like an exiled emperor who sits nude beachside by raked gravel
representing the contriving sea next to the forgiving ocean which signifies
one wide expanse of existence under an infinite blueish sky metaphor for our topsy-perturvy hovercraft island of perception from this peek-a-boo patio.

*All i know is there’s a whole emptiness waiting to be fondled within
                                            my sumo thong…
i got knocked up in the school of hard knocks by all the geisha
kitties clinging to my hip-pocket theatre partying down with sake,
sukiyaki, and the art of pillow fighting Yakuza in kimonos.
Can we order it all around to and thru the thickthin past language/
metaphysics into the ambition of constructive will to live alive?
..–scribble some goal –not beauty but result from psychiatric challenges..

  • born to prevail in strong tradition between modernity –
  • seeping from nature onto blank slates.–

“i think i’m turning architect i think i’m turning architect i really think so”…

You gotta find your place in the  s c h e m a  no-mow courtyards
with rich fidgeting demand for spatial spatula experience translated rough-hewn- :

“Poets pound the rice, e-zine blogsites knead the dough, and you
                                            the readers eat the cake!”

There is a high class living uninhibited aided thru simplicity but remember:

Sometimes art imitates mockingly what life isn’t…

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  1. Thx. i’d be happy with ‘creatively insane’ rather than ‘brilliant’, but i appreciate your confidence in me sir. *Notice how contradictions lean against each other thruout poem like yin and yang up-town ho-down. The thing with the thong is an artful (i think) paraphrase of sexually liberated zen-master Ikkyu. There are also some allusions to Japanese horror movies. And, I’ve been driving my truck past this place in the boonies called “Hip Pocket theatre” so i sorta ripped it off. Check it out:
    You’ll have to ask cerebella about the geisha kitty thing.
    I’m looking forward to that novel.

  2. Me too, while sipping strawberry daiquiris with the umbrellas. (I mean, sitting nude beachside by myself, that is, not together). It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Japanese Gardens in Ft. Worth, I’d like to go back and feed the Kois now that weather is better. Thx for comments.

  3. These are lyrics to theme song/intro for one of my favorite animes, ‘Cromartie High School’: “The reason I am crying is because I am very frustrated. I feel as though the nobility and kindness of man is being trampled. Those who show their strength lose their grace. Covered in dirt and lies, isn’t it a vexing sight? Let’s live more strongly, fiercely, and tougher. Let’s walk straight. The wind is against us. Move, move, move, those with a guilty conscience, move aside. Light up the town of riff-raff. Move, make way, truth is coming through. The era of justice will come. There are songs of hope too. I would happily sacrifice my life for this world.” –all sung in Japanese to folk/pop tune is very beautiful to hear.

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