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  1. I dunno. I have an inclination toward believing that poetry or art should invite and include the viewer not alienate because it’s meaning is only for the author.
    Should I be ‘getting’ this? Cuz, I don’t.

  2. Yeah you should, dammit! Just kiddin’. poppycock! i took a look, and another look, with my right eye, and nothing gave; so i took a look with my left and i felt comforted and easy as if i had come in from the cold and just hung out next to the deli with all their basted chickens giving off ‘pluck-pluck’ heat.
    Googling the first stanza ends us up on the ER Hall of Fame – Page 3 – Student Doctor Network Forums. hmmm. Doogie Howser antichrist.
    Anyway, Let’s take it slow, and find out what we know. Title: “This god damned month”…seems the author has had a bad time of it lately and the body of the poem might describe this month, albeit piecemeal. Pediatricians are doctors who care for children from birth to early adulthood. They specialize in diseases and ailments specific to young and growing bodies … Nazi drug forums…fascist health care town hall meetings…yes. yes. college in bags of blood bottles… oh, ok, yeah,..neo-amphetamine tomes frosted in red sweat..ha! you little bastard you.. and conclusion: “i feel like a can
    of green orgasms”. Who wouldn’t?
    Firstly: Notice emphasis on medical…pediatricians, drugs, blood bottles, amphetamines, [medical] tomes, … the author may be sick with the flu or some ailment which lasts a month reinforced by ending ‘i feel like a can of green orgasms’. That’s seemingly contradictory isn’t it? Green being the color of sickness and orgasm being a feeling of elational release…perhaps there is a good puking coming on to end all this. Or, his/her child is which would explain the pediatricians. I kinda had an inkling that the author might be a med student just describing a difficult and detestable month of study {forums, college, tomes}…
    The first 7 lines:
    two pediatricians
    nazi drug forums
    college in bags
    of blood bottles
    tomes frosted
    in red sweat
    remind me of that $100,000 pyramid gameshow …’ding ding’ answer “Things that scare the shit out of you”.
    In any case, there’s a number of ways you could go like with this. Remember, don’t tie the poem up with duck tape and torture a confession out of it with a rubber hose.
    Of course this could be an encoded message for sleeper agents to blow up the XXX store…you never know. Reminds me of when we got attacked by the spam-bots…hmmm. i learned from those spam-bots, they were pretty decent poets. I’m not man, nor machine…just something in-between.

  3. That goodbye sounded serious and permanent.
    Showing me a middle finger and saying nothing was meant by it does not keep me from reading the middle finger as an insult. Similarly, I can find meaning when reading a poem without a poetasters consent.

  4. No, no, no you are all utterly wrong! this poem is quite obviously about two physicians who happen to espouse nazi ideals. In addition to their day jobs as doctors they are involved in violent hate crimes (college in bags of blood bottles, college campuses are great places to target minorities) They take amphetamines (they are doctors and can easily prescribe themselves such) and kill large groups of people in the name of white supremacy and indeed probably have some connection with ariosophy/the occult (note: tomes frosted in red sweat, eg, mein kampf) The final stanza points to the irony of a world in which people who are supposed to help other people actually want to kill them if they are not white and alludes to the possibility that our value judgments concerning such people are probably meaningless.

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