Spider web and sequence

Spider web and sequence
by jim benz
1. In human terms, concrete thought is unavoidably abstract.
2. Divergent thought has convergence as its ultimate goal.
3. ‘Sequential’ is a human equation based on abstraction.
4. Interconnection is everything, but perhaps no one else sees it.
5. Spider webs are ephemeral.
6. They decay just as quickly as the interconnected ideas in my head.
7. They also start in the middle of things.
6. Presumably, this list doesn’t know where to start.
5. So it returns to the end and tries to muddle things up.
4. At which point it becomes aware of its own abstract construction.
3. Every connection pointless and predictable.
2. Every sequence a linear mud.
1. There is no hope for convergence in a sequential universe.
0. If the terms ‘thinker’ and ‘abstract’ are interchangeable, do we still exist?

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