Precious Moment Statue

precious moment statue
by smokey farris
I regret not reacting in equilibrium with your confusion
Your sad human being spirit.
You were like wax mixed with red oil paint
Wrenching against the silk wind
wrinkles on sea
Crystal touch while crystal coated clouds clink like drinks.
We kiss and dancing high towers writher
Giant hand bags are filled with black magick
Purse runneth over in the morning
The heat of bed reflects transition upon my back and butt
My heels and toes return to wondrous tempo
Beats are matted in dashed lines and frequently wobbling
High above the valley of warring shapes
I purse my precious gift
And unwrap  my grateful thanks
My visions come from you
The tiny gifts I collect
Are like making money out of growing hair
Like cheating death by not being honest
By shaking and chasing you like a dog
A slut cat meowing at the morning door
I fail to love my self like god being billions of constant sunsets
Ignoring a billion sunrises
Rushing waves over frozen pussy glaciers
Quiet reluctancy to solar flare you relax
When you laugh like a still oxen and vibrate plasma
I regret you now and find solstice in winter
Jockey freedom nebula orange slices in the sky
Golden fleece and purple stops dits holes that are absolutely shallow
No relief in this nervous bed just the dream of still light
Just the uncomfortable pity of love continuously dying
Reborn spirits kiss like total sisters and brothers who were and are lovers
I folly in the ocean in vision, powerful call to wild horses
Winding my magic snickers into spiral rose beams
Hot limit transmitter holding hands
Handshaking investors diverge
merging the valleys with the water

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