No New Woman

No New Woman
by donal mahoney
I’ve found no new woman,
as you’d like to surmise.
But the next one
who braids
my mind with my heart
won’t get away,
not even if she’s a nun.
The next one like you
I’ll lock in a room
near the sky and there
will I kiss her until
she is certain
a thousand butterflies
one by one
are lighting
all over her body.

0 thoughts on “No New Woman

  1. Ah, we’ve all got a little ‘born romantic’ in us…yes, to be in love with love and no worries ’bout tomorrow. I felt like that once, but hey, if the girl fits the bill, I use this number one pick-up line: “Excuse me miss [hold up napkin], does this smell like chloroform?”

  2. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaahhahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    That’s awesome, Quasi. Never heard that one before.

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