stuttering tape deck

stuttering tape deck
from the Larva Cultists
i turn off the switch
to the motion detecting light
still slowly
step outside
for a cigarette
and there is my neighbor
washing a 15 x 5 foot row
of crushed aluminum cans
its like a bolt of sequence has been rolled out
i walk to the fence
and ask her whats she’s doing
“getting paid”
she replies
and there is the near full moon
like some crystal ball
able to create moss
stable a pier and beam
return a day bed to the store
able to project your death
play it like some blimp would
able to get you outside
at all
at the stove
i begin to cough
because tomorrow’s meal is out there
and even a hungry pumpkin
can express that
and again
the mice destroy the basil
all day inside the city
kids toss gallons of office water
up the parking garage
rows of eyes thinking well so
smart in the back corners of our mouths
and play scapes
charged so you can’t think straight
i sat to remember it all nite
i don’t remember if i wrote about the gorillas
i stabbed with a homemade screwdriver
up in this athletes treehouse
in 1886 i peed on rocks
and was charged an arm socket
when 100 stars
were covered by a cloud
seaweed ceilings
i was invisible all month
until i finally had to eat
i swear
drinkings the only thing
around here
thats gonna keep me sane

0 thoughts on “stuttering tape deck

  1. What a meal is this Freudian goolosh! I like goolosh, that is. I’ve never been able to tap into that fully as a writer…preferring to pursue other styles or bases of perspective to achieve something similar. Inner psychological abstraction with some ‘touch and go’ spots where the feet hit the earth never disappoints as an interesting read. Dreamy…some may say wish-washy…yet personally revealing, most times. They are acurately conjured impressions from a direct hardline connection with the right brain macrocosm awareness.
    Funny how title always seems to take on different meaning before the first and subsequent reads. The various scenarios in poem remind me of scenes from some past and future Coen Brothers film. Part about the gorillas was cute. “in 1886 i peed on rocks and was charged an arm socket when 100 stars were covered by a cloud”…fluid imagination!
    Thx for the submit Larva…i will now be breaking my rusty cage cocoon.

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