montana fireflies

montana fireflies
by bo sacker
Infrequent April sun comes to warm molten snows
in moose wallows where the luminescent beetles dance
indecent pirouettes. The marshy meadow glows,
from fertile bugs, skirts upraised, begging for romance,
rushed by impending death, to couplings conjugate.
Drowned larch skeletons protrude from the mossy muck,
proud sentinels where peregrine falcons wait
for the first courageous new hatched wood duck
eagerly fleeing his calcium cocoon, with callow zeal.
The hatchlings reach their niche on Life’s food chain,
while civilization asserts itself with noisy squeal
on stretched iron rails that sing beneath my passing train.

2 thoughts on “montana fireflies

  1. Impecable tie-in with mother nature and synthetic civilization at end. Rhyme is intermitent…what we talked about a couple days ago on another poem. Appreciated the alliteration too…always a pleasure to meet a fellow alliterator. First part reminded me of…’Promiscuous fireflies’ of long ago…just in subject matter though. 2nd stanza begs the question: “How much wood duck would a peregrine falcon upchuck if a peregrine falcon could upchuck wood duck?” Just kiddin. Marvelous writing Bo!

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