the echo of my doldrums

the echo of my doldrums
by oscar smiles
i was bugs bunny that year
all i remember is a polaroid
long table lotsa people
me right in the middle
on the way there i was so happy
the black witches pot right on the corner
on the way to grammas house
ma wasn’t too happy
she was sad at gramma
i think gramma was sad at papa
i was cryin cowlick and all
maybe two and a red get-up
they’d sat me down in an antbed
the look on my face was of horror
and it’s one of my favorite pictures
coco shane the cat took a shit
in the corner and it stunk so bad
hands over noses furniture fibrosis
deb had long hair like my ma
she’s got teen twins college huntin
i mentioned stephen f. austin..denton
i was torturing mama i was so nocuous
she was on the phone and i
no matter how many times she said no
just kept pounding down this bottle fulla sugar
i’m fallin down that rabbit hole
goin back to the very start
one of papa’s friends handed me a joint
i was just a baby so innocuous
papa gave a me a deerbone knife
it was grampa’s and i lost it
i was sad with myself
sad bout papa
he said i’ll call ya right back buddy

2 thoughts on “the echo of my doldrums

  1. I couldn’t get past an Echo and the Bunnymen song. The Killing Moon play in my head while I try to read it. Papa don’t never call when he promises.

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