Ascending Degrees of Mirage

Ascending Degress of Mirage
by cocteau
Decending Scales of Trance
O, it’s a hot damn day, yet, it would take 700 suns to span
the diameter of Antares. Sergeants stress this because
there is a dearth of salt tablets.
American troops are landing on the Cuban shore
at Daiqurí. Great columns of men moving inexorably
towards shifting haloes of shimmering beach.
O! traveler o’er corrosive waters, pursuing freedom, go
forth and grow in stature, rather than form. Spokes.
Green fire/ wheels like a heart. Streaks in June
firmament seem, by perspective tricks, to converge
to the antisolar point.
It’s not yet been determined whether the net effect
of cirrus clouds is to warm or to cool the earth. 
Systems shift. Marred blue skies, and the stern
of a large ship can be caught in the backdrop. Backdraft. Dark
Smoke. Wreathes of palm begin/ to curry
the roiling waters.
     O, seriously, seriously!– don’t look back.

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  1. I love reading Cocteau while drinking a cocktail and petting my cockatoo…”Pretty boy, pretty boy!”
    As always, there is a fine polish to your work…and the mark of a man whose spent many a day gazing too long at the sun. ..And spent many a night making love under the hollow moon.
    Two titles! I am your undying servant! References to Spanish American War within context of science/meteorology interjects human element into grand scheme of mother nature…hip comingling!
    Al Gore and Teddy Roosevelt would like this, and so do I…”Frekin’ Florida!” and “Bully bully!”

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