florida reconsidered

Florida Reconsidered
by matt byars
Your fiction doesn’t interest me
I can see where your little stories come from and brother,
It’s all quite obvious
That you lack imagination
I called you out on your falsetto
Easily traced to a current hit record
And we both laughed about it
But since we both know that
Miracles have drifted through these leaves
It seems worth pointing out the well-trod paths
Of your inspiration

9 thoughts on “florida reconsidered

  1. This wasn’t aimed at you. Clearly it is my work under fire. I hate to go but with skin as thin as mine, I just can’t chance another blow. Later.

  2. More than just a coincidence that on a comment the day before I mentioned ‘Florida’. So I kinda feel the content of this may be directed at me. It’s been a good run and I’ve enjoyed being a part of H&H. Best wishes. -Q-

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