green panatela

Green Panatela
by donal mahoney
Waiting in his Cadillac, silver gray,
Dr. Oates swerves his lighter
to his green panatela.
Next to Dr. Oates,
a poodle, silver gray, barks
where Mrs. Oates will sit
in moments now,
when from the beauty shop,
coiffed silver gray,
majestically she issues.

0 thoughts on “green panatela

  1. A green panatela is a cigar. But the question might be is the cigar just a cigar? and what about the cadillac? But the focus seems to be on all the silver gray, so I think its just a little portrait of aging wealth and its status markers. But I still wonder about the cigar.

  2. Ah, a cigar.
    I see it as silver/gray/green = aging wealth. Old money.
    The more I read it the more I really enjoy the brevity and structure of this piece. Nice work, Mr. Mahoney.

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