tactless vacuum

tactless vacuum
by floyd crenshaw
the house needs to be clean
i have guests coming,
oh my,
i must prepare for them.
too, too busy.
a headless white rabbit
a bullhorn count down
won’t bother with peasant work
stupid money can clean house
button ‘Clean’ pulsating green.
depress big toe.
the silence destroyed is
supposedly necessary.
the sensitive robotic disc
size of a medium pizza
hooks left and
the loose, wooden-door handle
against hollow tiled walls.
cracking like weak wrists or
dark, eerie fence gates in the wind.
lessons never learned
munch away the christmas needles –
a white tassle swings from below.
cling on –
take in –
swallow whole the life you own.
binary imprinted blind faith.
pressure sensitive wet nose.
cold, emotionless work logic.
static headphones blaring.
ironic sunglasses.
continue this mess.
finish that intention set.
beside, among, within
blind as sulphuric fish.
every choice supported by
penny-rigged fuse or
imperceivable bliss.
you were created
to be orphaned and
denied outright,
roam aimlessly
upon the pine-rice paddy,
new year juggernaut,
and choke on those holiday blues.

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