Screw You

screw you
by dianne boresenik
Screw it. You
are wound up,
screwed in,
a little too tightly.
You need to
loosen up,
just a little,
teensy tittle,
just a jot.
You don’t want
to have a screw
loose, or worse
yet, a loose
screw. Some
things are
meant to be
tight. You don’t
want to
overscrew or
be screwed over;
and you want the
right screw
for the job.
You don’t want
to be tapped out,
screwed, brewed,
blue and tattooed,
wooed by god
knows who and
refused anew.
Screwing is
Better to be
than to be
Better to be
a screwdriver
than to be
screwed up.

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