The Octopus and the Ultra-Perm

The Octopus and the Ultra-Perm
by pat a physics
Grace. The tinkling of silverware is the dinner bell of my
universe. My subscription to your thoughts needs to be renewed
here at the table. False alarms go off in my head as my eyes
jump from you to the clock. Back to my drink and thinking. It
is about twenty minutes too late to go out in the yard and take
in the setting sun. Part of my ecosystem is limping. I’m full.
This is my show. These are my guests. Welcome to the show, I
am glad you could make it. Yes, the weathervane is screeching
and you have a rooster rubberbanded to your ass. If the outer
space mission is successful, then the value of this program will
be nil. Prayers are always full of good intention, aren’t they?
Isn’t your spiritual life pathetic? Isn’t God important to you?
Intentions, hah! Grace, hah! Spiritual life, hah! Sunsets are
the only concrete thing we have. Nothing else is as permanent.
All of the dreams tell me the same thing. I eat bad food. Can
you understand me through my sobbing face. The ship has sprung
a leak and we are sinking fast. The coolest thing about all of
our lives is taken for granted. Hello, wobbling floorboards.
Revenge curves the ends of your mouth. Your skateboard and a
roll of ones, it’s hard to teach with just these things. You
laugh now, I laugh at your pitiful outcome. We’ll say that we
can do without my moralizing. And despite your history, it is
clear that you feel no compunction to jam that crowbar right
into my thigh with white teeth exposed, drooling lips quavering.

0 thoughts on “The Octopus and the Ultra-Perm

  1. ah.
    you’re amazing. really. i’d be honoured to be an important person in yr life.
    this reminds me a lot of myself, especially my thought processes when my roller coaster car is at its lowest valley. i think cycles (like sunsets) are inevitable ‘therefore’ the only concrete thing we have, yes yes. that’s something easiest for the rapid cyclers like myself to accept and just deal with and write poetry about.

  2. Graffiti comments? I want to play. Whatever he did to him must have really pissed him off. Either that or he was unstable to begin with. If so, he needs to learn to appreciate how little other people can be made to care.
    Pat, I like the work our eukaryotic opportunist has decided he can disregard.
    The coolest thing about our lives is taken for granted. I can agree with that. Rationalizing the harm done to us far enough to excuse it is a danger. I look at the “Dying Gaul” sculpture and see the death of certainty and ethnocentrism. What are we together if not alone? At what point is there an us to defend from the ravenous vengeance of unreasonable assault. In an uncertain world, your questions are unsettling poetry.

  3. Eh, the guy who is leaving graffiti comments (which I deleted) is some psycho hippy running around Austin telling everyone someone stole his photos. Dime a dozen. Ah well… it takes all kinds I suppose…

  4. if other people can’t be made to care then why bother deleting the posts?
    if there was no theft then why did the thief run away and hide?
    if i am a dime a dozen then you fuckwads really are outnumbered, aren’t you?
    if you really are an editor then why caint u find ur spel chek buton?
    if no one did anything wrong then why all the fear of some dime a dozen psycho hippy? (it’s actually spelled “hippie”)
    if a frog had wings then he wouldn’t bump his ass when he hopped, would he?
    btw…yep, I am pissed, AND unstable….have a nice day and sweet dreams to you all

  5. Reed? Don’t know the cat. I stole your photos. I thought they needed stealing. They are ruined now though. I made coasters with them. It was easy. I used a razor and traced from a tin can. Care for a frosty beverage?

  6. halifax- i’m a bundle of paranoid nerves. no worries.
    resilient-thank you sooo much for reminding me, i almost forgot about going out and buying elizabeth edwards new book today. psycho hippys are only acceptable if they know how to work it.

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