the one you feed

the one you feed
by sarah endsley

The rat-tail assaulting my entrance at two a.m.

The smile man greeting me, praying silently.

Rat is sarcastic, lethargic, mentioning moth-worn promises

that never awaken to morning warmth.

Smiley carefully reads passages that resonate throughout my hacking chest,

Envelops my hulking frame, cradles me.

Ratty pounds me emphatically while

Smiley watches through thin gold frames, quizzically.

Smile man, cleaner than coffee,

Rat man, muddy as beer.

When I queried, blind,

Quivering in the pale mist of muddled thought,

A third answered,

Matted fur, and blood. Lightning teeth. Wolves at war.

The victor will be

the one you feed.

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  1. The victor will be
    the one you feed.
    it took me forever to learn this, from studying ppls i learned i’m not as alone as i trained myself to think-it takes everyone forever to learn this. everyone ever. i hug myself all the time. too bad we all get hungry, some demons (the ones you just gobble up like apple brown betty without realising) need to starve to death tho and confetti their asses into the breeze like a siouxsie lyric visual.

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