To The Bird Under The Window

To The Bird Under The Window
by ajay vishwanathan
Your shuddering body makes sense to me
Like nothing else does;
The seduction in a reflection is often deadly,
Especially since it is a reflection,
An image of something that doesn’t exist
As perceived;
The leaves, the grass, the brightness
Are where you come from,
Not where you were going.
But from where you see,
It seems like the best lies in here
When it is right where you live.
Lived I must say,
For you just died
Not knowing what hit you;
The wall that actually
Showed you your own world
Was a quiet trap that
Had taken another life,
Life that believed more beauty
Is to be found
Somewhere else.

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  1. I’ve seen many a pretty bird go out this way. There’s something intriguing about what one ‘group’ or entity can perceive and another that cannot…which ends up being deadly. And we wouldn’t even think of a window of glass as deadly.
    I like how the title and first part of poem DON’T give it (the bird’s fate) away but it’s only in the 2nd part of piece that we are clued in for sure that this winged explorer has indeed flown to avian heaven where worms abound and tweets resound.
    Was it the bird’s search for beauty (indoors of house) that led to his untimely end? Well yes, this is the author’s intent and the point of course carries over to what we human readers may feel in our own experiences.
    Beauty…it can save and it can kill. Be wary, if you will.

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