40 years later

40 years later
by michael estabrook
Linda does not remember Patti’s boyfriend Bob
being at Patti’s Sweet Sixteen Party
or that Bob was even her boyfriend at the time.
“I don’t remember that,” she muses
after I ask her about it.
But Patti must know if her own “boyfriend”
was at her Sweet Sixteen Party or not.
“Yeah, he was there, but he left early.
He was a bastard,” she states matter-of-factly,
and I’m more than happy to agree with her.
It would take another 9 months
before I got enough courage to ask her out,
but at least Bob, handsome, personable
(and obviously clueless) Bob, wasn’t in the way.

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  1. Problem with poem: There is nothing in the poem to suggest that Bob is “obviously clueless.” He might be clueless, because Patti is such a catch. But there’s nothing there in the poem that suggests that either. And who the hell cares about Linda?

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