Melted Candy

Melted Candy
by pat a physics
Today she was swirling a mixture of cognac and twilight
her skin shone like a seal
she asked us undo-able favors in the darkened foyer
while her pets went ballistic.
Her eyes were a child-actors eyes, but closer set
and they danced while she spoke.
“Please give me the earth,
that juicy, juicy cocktail of nebulae over there,
they call the milkyway,
all that stuff.
We Texas girls are tough.”
Appropriated from an older poem by Courtney Bowers

0 thoughts on “Melted Candy

  1. Somehow this doesn’t seem very honest to me. When I’m about to have sex, there is some eyecontact, but I’m looking at other stuff too. Where’s the good stuff? And where’s the bullshitting? If I had a woman asking for all this obviously impossible stuff, I just say ‘yah baby, it’s yours.’ But that’s just me. I guess I’m just too big a fan of that aspect of Donne’s poetry.

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