15 pounds of bananas.

15 pounds of bananas.
by ajezzy
I climbed up my bunk bed stoned off of banana peals and Benadryl and chocolate holding a pillow for dear life in case I fell. Gravity is a bitch and I sprained both my wrists.
This never happened.
Every minute a red light flashes on the smoke detector. Every minute two people commit suicide. Apparently only one is worthy of recognition. I’m becoming a statistic.
This may have happened.
My mouth is dry my visions going I’m blocking my light source with my arm but I can’t move. My head is breaking walls and my hair is being pulled by invisible hands or maybe my own.
This never used to happen.
I haven’t slept in a week since I found the rainbow pill in my pocket. I want to cry I want to sneeze I want a hug I want to watch “Obsessed” and have sex in the theater like we used to.
This will never happen

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