Paralyzed Victim

paralyzed victim
by gene defcon
Wink your way to safety
Drag your body across the floor
Using the muscles of your face
Smile away as fast as you can
Furrow your brow up the stairs
Clench your jaw through the doggy door
Before I awake
And lock you back in the basement

0 thoughts on “Paralyzed Victim

  1. Looking at the title, I didn’t think I’d like this, but I like this. I specifically like lines 5 and 6. Line 2 doesn’t do it for me. I’m puzzled by lines 1,3, and 4. But the last two lines bring the whole thing together nicely. Well done.

  2. So, the way I see this – right or wrong – is the expression of emotion on ones face somehow escaping the notice or control of the face’s owner. And once the owner finds out his expressions are getting loose he’s going to lock them up again.
    Pretty cool.

  3. It’s really simple folks. You’re paralyzed
    and you have to escape. Every word makes
    sense, and I’m laughing my ass off. My legs
    went numb and I gotta smile myself to the
    bathroom before I piss my pants…

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