yellow tulips

Yellow Tulips
by eileen myles
I was walking along the sidewalk
in all the daily pain
& miserable faces & awful air.
Up above in a flower box
were yellow tulips, too real
to be real, so big
and sexual looking in
that funny way flowers
always are. I guess
they were like heads
poking in from another
world. How do you
like Wednesday, you
beautiful things?

0 thoughts on “yellow tulips

  1. We are in part a product of our environment. Ugliness reluctantly gives way to beauty…just one or is it the main challenge of the human struggle–to find and hold onto perhaps something as miniscule as a pretty tulip. It is a small material icon to behold, yet charges us with an infinite sense of wonderfully pleasant feelings.
    Nature’s architecture is the most profound art.
    Thanks for sharing Eileen!

  2. This poem is ok. But I have to say that first, lines 2 and 3 are weak. In this instance, I think some extra imagery would be helpful. And second, I love the way you describe flowers as “sexual looking,” BUT the phrase you use “too real to be real” is a bit cloying.

  3. I would say that “cloyding” is way worse than cloying. It’s probably even worse to say “this poem cloyds” than “this poem sucks.”

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