Black Eyes

black eyes
by drew deGennaro

Mary’s eyes were black.

The circles left by her mascara

looked like she got hit

with a fist.

Joe came towards her.

The electric was out

and the two

yelled at one another


I’m gonna do it.

Do what!

Mary was ready

and Joe just smiled

as if he murdered someone

right before they

started to go to town.

That’s it Joe!

The rain cried

all night

until the sun

shook the couple


hitting them both

square in the face

and that was when

Joe and Mary


it just wasn’t working

any longer.

0 thoughts on “Black Eyes

  1. I agree. What makes this narrative poem work is that which is omitted. That which is omitted not only strengthens the flow, but it also, as Hemingway once wrote, “make[s] people feel more than they understood.” But I think that you should get rid of “the rain cried.” True, it maintains the flow, but it’s predictable and uninteresting.

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