by Sweet LatinHackTeam ~ 2009 (year de la hack)
Do not be afraid of my mustache. My mustache is also Latin. X74-WayzRx is secret code for “come and touch the latin mustache”. Z40-xbabybeard> It does not bite unless you request the dance with it. This mustached hacked into the discotech and began as a child.

We is the love team of hacking: (d4n1ux – eCORE – Potato Chip de b10s – J3H35 – x_jeshua – Rayok3nt)
No more is the time to sit idle when our code is the ray core of bliss. We are the best chip of entire hack bag. 2009 and plenty more candles to blow away with foreign skills.

Robots take care of our children in sweaty cabins.
We are comfortable like figuring out TV remotes in stranger’s home. I walk into your website and laydown on many pillows. Latin above all other Latin population w/ digital keybrush. Like famous painter on moon planet. He too lays on hack pillow. LatinHackteam hack moon! Mainframe is a puppy eating dead cricket to Latins.

Greetz: Blesslost websites with amazing latin love – D.B.M (dominated by mustache)- AmeN to Latin jesus – m0sted jesus of all jesus w/ biblical hair- Byonds Crew All my friends are religious watching movies now.  latin hackers w/ many hacks on bedpost. Hack or die trying! Got your 2400 baud modem in donkey pack.
iehh Let`s go and hack for jesus and my latin heritage of moldova and all outlying area up in your root directory.
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=10444(pg104641)
No respect for index.php!
Latin life! Bow to mustache!
So some of you may have noticed H and H was hacked recently and we want to thank Walt Satan and Josh J. for restoring it. The message above was the tag the hackers left and we’ve modified it a bit to give more feeling to their intrusion. Their message was so bland and general, we thought it could use a little spicing up.
Thanks for being patient!
H and H

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  1. I love the notion of editing a hack to “imporove clarity…it just didn’t scan well, I am afraid.”
    “The reviewers agree that your work is powerful in some as yet undetermined way, with declamatory madness like Mainframe is a puppy eating dead cricket to Latins and we do appreciate, as readers, your refreshingly honest disregard for your perceived antagonist, nee index.php. However, we at the review board feel you free verse submission might be more well suited to another journal…perhaps poem(1).free_verse.quarterly or any of the various chapbook put out by 00111011 00101011 press.
    Feel free to revise and resubmit.
    Feel free to revise and resubmit

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