Pentagonal Radiance

Pentagonal Radiance
by pat a physics
I was in the middle of eating a tall dessert in the lap of the laughing people
when my candlesticks were firmly stuck in the ground
for the drunken, frolicking big wigs to dance with.
The heads of the slack, baby-faced lords didn’t phase me when they were
dipping up and down to the beat of giant table clattering around.
“Who strums green music from their angular bodies like they were a guitar?  You know, the ones with musical ribs and a nose you can twist around to get a higher pitch,” asked one of the lords in a shouting voice over the unsettling furniture.  Stone cliffs were baring copper-globs and gold fruit.  It was all
shimmering in the cool moonlight like disco balls
which rotate counterclockwise in a gentle sprinkling of rays.
“I don’t know who they are, but I would love to play the music you talk about,” I replied.

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