Little Craig

Little Craig
by gene defcon
Corrupt cops meeting in bars
Like two sides of a zipper
Grinning and spinning
Their stools
Overseeing the shit spiral
The sewer festers with teenage hookers
Esoteric pimps holding fast to Clinton-era money cults
Ragged denominations nearly imperceptible to snack machines
Drug dealers tracing their family tree on the chalk outlined sidewalk
Preachers glittering from atop rhinestone-encrusted ferris wheels
Local dudes hovering over derelict brown patches
Gaudy dukes coat-tailing pentagonal shock ferrets
Rose-poofed barrier vests girdle the lizardation machine
Indignant comptrollers hyper-extending credit card limits
Elegant black Hermans vibrating on tight gyroscopes
Prairie dog video debate electrifies far flung municipalities
Little Craig debuts new ideas on haircare

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