0 thoughts on “Advice to Young Poets

  1. I would but you’re so full of shit man that i fear for my parnevu wardrobe and my pretentious disposition. Personally, i use plungers as my own sword to fight evil. I call it ‘Exenimabur’…la-la-di-dee-doo-ra! -Complete with Wagner ringtone. lol. I hope this isn’t too supersilious.
    Apallingly funny poem. Love the painting too…i’ll have to get some ‘breast slappers’ like that lady on the horse. Fine chicannery!

  2. why shouldn’t i stick a plunger on my head? that doesn’t really sound so bad. gross if it’s used, but not golden-rule-worthy bad. it’s not like getting the head stuck between two fence pickets or sticking the tongue to a frozen flagpole. or mixing the windex with the clorox. how’s that for detrimental?

  3. What I thought it meant was:
    Don’t think you can pull out magic
    at times when you’ve got shit for brains
    Good message. I’ve been guilty of it.

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