by mike meraz
my first memory of disappointment
was when I was 4.
I waited for the icecream truck
but it didnt come.
it came earlier in the day
and my mother had told me,
“wait it will be back.”
it never came back.
two lessons:
a mothers optimism
does not always work.
waiting around for something
that has already passed you by
is futile.

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  1. i guess this is what they mean by ‘a poem with a point to it’. lol. Nicely written. This reminiscence brings back memories of my childhood days in South Houston during Summertime. I always liked the Fudge Bomb or red/white/blue bomb. The music for our ice cream truck was loud so if it did pass us by, we’d get on our bikes and chase that fucker down! I bike was good for that! Come on man! lol. Thx for sharing!

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